The Issues


Accountability in City Government and Spending

   Even as residents in the City of Portland suffered through the latest economic recession, the city kept spending money and mismanaging budgets as though there was no recession.  As someone who has served 5 years on the City of Portland’s Water Quality Advisory Committee and nearly a decade on the Portland Utility Review Board, Scott has observed firsthand the massive waste and mismanagement of public funds.  He has witnessed unnecessary projects evolve because someone knew someone else, and it benefited them both to make sure the project remained funded in the budget for years. 

The elected officials’ mismanagement of high profile bureaus illustrates the problems throughout City Hall.  Other departments almost certainly have areas of waste and mismanagement where cronyism runs rampant at the expense, both literally and figuratively, of hard-working ratepayers and taxpayers.

Scott is an outsider. Someone who isn’t looking to use this position as a stepping stone to another job in politics; someone who isn’t on a career path as a politician looking for his or her next position, and someone who isn’t looking just to fill a spot on his resume’ at this point in his life.

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Economic Stability

   Under Scott’s leadership, the City of Portland will work with city bureaus, businesses and individuals to offer the kind of “generational jobs” needed to maintain a robust level of economic stability.   Family-wage jobs with good benefits and a strong future in our city.  As a native Portlander Scott wants to see others who were born and grew up here, and     those who came here for a better life  have the opportunity to stay here and make a good living.  In order for Portland to remain a vibrant progressive community, it needs to offer the kinds of jobs, careers, and opportunities that can support young families, middle-aged couples, seniors, and everyone else who wants to stay here and help make Portland great.

As a business owner, Scott understands how important stability, certainty and cooperation are to attracting and keeping businesses in Portland.  His background in marketing can help shape the message that Portland is open for business and that the City of Portland wants to be a partner in those endeavors that enrich our community and enhance our quality of life.


A Vision for Portland’s Future

   As a scientist educated in graduate drinking water chemistry and microbiology, Scott knows how important it is to be able think critically about the issues facing Portland, to evaluate the choices in front of us and prioritize those choices based on facts and input from others before reaching a decision.  In order for Portland
to continue to be successful, we need to
  have the right people doing the right job at the right cost.

Portland has never had a shortage of dreamers and visionaries.  This city encourages the kind of dreaming that led to a national food cart revolution, world-renowned craft brewers and breweries and innovative export projects.  What is needed in the future is the kind of person to lead us who can look critically at all those ideas, those dreams and help shape the conversation about what is most important, how much will it cost and who will it benefit.


Scott Fernandez has the life experiences, skills and the vision to help lead Portland into the future and beyond.





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