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Citizens for Portland's Water  
  The Clean Money Candidate

Unlike other candidates, I am
accepting no out of state contributions or any contributions from those who want special access to policy makers.
My goal is to make it possible
for citizens to have their opinions count and their concerns taken into
consideration when
decisions that affect them and their community are being made.
That's the right track for Portland.







      Vote to get Portland on track for a more democratic and sustainable future

 Scott Fernandez Plan for Immediate Action

·  Suspend Portland residential and  commercial water utility rate increases for 2 years

·  Begin EPA LT2 waiver process exempting Portland from adding unnecessary drinking water treatment and covering Mount Tabor  and Washington Park Reservoirs

·  Establish budget process funding basic needs first,
  the pet projects’ negative economic impacts

·  Establish water and sewer deferred maintenance jobs programs

·  Fully fund Portland Parks and Recreation budget first from general fund

·  Establish  Non – Lethal Animal Shelter as a self-funding non-profit Public Trust  “return to friends and family” program

·  Return to weekly garbage pickup

·  Stabilize City of Portland portion of residential and commercial property taxes, bring into city general fund

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For too long, the City of Portland has been addicted to spending  and  addicted  to debt.  Spending too much on projects with little or no measurable benefit for the community residents, encouraging an atmosphere of cronyism and exclusion. This has led to the city having financial  struggles and no real vision for a better economic future.


         As Mayor of Portland, I will focus on three key areas:

·         Accountability in City Government and Spending

·     Economic Stability for Citizens and Businesses

·         A Vision for Portland’s Future Prosperity and Job Creation


               Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will
       sign up to support my  campaign to make Portland a better place
       to live for all of us.

         Scott Fernandez

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